How Digistain Works

DigiStain works biologically downstream using a proprietary method to measure markers at the protein level to deliver a robust and personalised risk score for cancer therapy guidance

Designed for invasive breast cancer patients who are:

Stage 1 - 3



< 3 malignant lymph nodes

Digistain personalises critical care decisions and predicts individual patient risk to help avoid the delivery of unnecessary chemotherapy treatment.

It reports the likelihood of breast cancer recurrence when treated with hormone therapy alone. The test is suitable for women with Stage 1 to 3 invasive breast cancer that is hormone receptor-positive, HER2- and with no more than 3 affected lymph nodes.

Digistain’s Prognostic Score uses a proprietary optical scan of the tumour tissue to capture a unique spectral signature of the tumour. It then performs an analysis on over 10,000 data points factoring in other clinico-pathological factors.

With this information, Digistain’s ML process computes an accurate risk score which has been validated on over 848 patients in a study reviewed by Cancer Research UK.

This unique approach overcomes the silos often experienced in cancer research  – bridging the gap between physics, chemistry, data analytics, and medicine.

It can take weeks to deliver test results needed to select the most appropriate therapy. Digistain overcomes the bottleneck today in getting patients treated.  

Trusted by Prominent Cancer Hospitals Across The UK

Digistain’s point-of-care device has undergone several clinical trials, which have shown that it is able to generate an objective diagnostic score with prognostic ability.
Based on 15 years of research and development by prominent physicists and cancer researchers.
Using mid-infrared imaging to map the nuclear-to-cytoplasmic ratio (NCR)

H&E Stained

How Digistain Works

DigiStain Optical Scan

No change to workflow using Digistain

How Digistain Works

T3 (Time-to-Treatment Delay)



Risk Actionable Information in Under 1 Hour

Why Digistain?

Equivalent To Gold Standard NGS Solutions Digsitain demonstrated equivalence to the leading NICE approved Next-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) tumour profiling tests.

Approved by The Medicines & HealthRegulatory Agency UK.
Equivalent To Gold Standard NGS Solutions
DigiStain renders results in under an hour

Equivalent To Gold Standard NGS Solutions:

5 years: 0.22
10 years 0.29
NN: 0.16
10 years 0.24
5 years: 0.23
10 years 0.35

In a double-blinded study with over 1200 hormone-positive early stage breast cancer patients Digsitaindemonstrated equivalence to the leading NICE approvedNext-Generation-Sequencing (NGS) tumour profiling tests

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